Everyone, everything, everyplace, has come to be inside the bowl. In every direction many, many leagues away, the rim of the bowl stretches up towards the sky, and the sun sits still directly overhead.
Night comes though. The sun perpetually eclipsed by a disk of pure black. The ground becomes as black as pitch, the sky becomes a dome which glows eeriely. No stars shine, save for an occasional shooting star slowly crossing the sky.
Weather is static, no clouds above to rain on the land, yet the vegetation continues to be watered just enough. No temperature fluxuations are apparent, and wind is caused only by ones movement.

In this land, where everything has come - a mosaic of small villages, mighty cities, vast wilderness, and the occasional home of some strange beast - four heroes emerge from a cave. Like the rest of the world, unsure of their arrival, but unlike the rest of the world, they have been chosen to come…

Dysons World